Notepad and coloring .Sometimes it works and sometimes not

Hi all CB 7 fans!

If I use Notepad in the mixer, let’s say on all 10 tracks in the project, save and re-open, some of the notepads, lets say 5, are blank. I then checked the notepad in the tracks vs the notepad in the mixer and sometimes what you write in the notepad in the mixer also appears in the notepad on the tracks and sometimes the track notepad remains blank even if there is information in the notepad in the mixer.

Somtimes the track adapts the color that is chosen in the mixer, sometimes not. Sometimes activating the track and choosing a color from the palette will color the track (the color “box” to the left of the track information), and sometimes just the events of the track.

I have found none whatsoever system. Anybody else with the same experience?

Both of these have been reported in the issues subforum.