Notepad and mouse issues Cubase 8 artist

Lately my mouse curser disappears behind the project as soon as I start to record or edit or make an entry with the keyboard. When I click on the mouse it reappears. Also- Track Notepad will not highlight , copy or paste which is extremely frustrating as that’s where we tend to place lyrics on an audio vocal track. Editing it is limited to using the ‘back’ button on the keyboard and the curser placement is useless. This is happening both on LE AI elements and Cubase Artist 8. I have Cubase 5 and it has none of these issues. I even reinstalled my mouse software thinking it was that…no change.
Is there a patch or fix for this? It’s frustrating as Cubase Artist 8 cost me $350 CDN.

Hi and welcome,

Are you using Mac or Windows (could you fill this in to the forum sign, please…)?

I would guess, you are using Windows. Are you using any software extension to mouse handling or windows handling? What graphical card are you using?