Notepad close

The esc button used to close the notepad. Now in 12.0.30, it doesn’t. It does on individual tracks but using the project notepad, I can’t close it with esc anymore. Bug? Fixed in 12.0.40?

I don’t think Esc ever closed the Project Notepad. You have to close it manually (or using the Key Command) in every version of Cubase I’ve tried. Many other Cubase windows also don’t close when you hit Esc.

I would suggest adding the Feature Request tag.

There is a Key Command to toggle open/close the Project Notepad. Don’t know what if anything it is set to by default.

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Yes it toggles here just fine using a KC.

Weird this does not work on my project notepad. Yes it opens notepad but does not toggle and close it.
I tried another key command "show hide notepad " this didn’t work either.
Any ideas please !

OK got a workaround using workspaces but a real solution would be better.

Hi, this one is for notes in the mix console window and toggles fine.

True, it works only for opening. However, while it has focus, you can simply press Alt+F4 to close it.

I am also one of the customers where the assigned key command doesn’t toggle Notepad. It opens it just fine but cannot close it. This is the case even when using factory preferences.

Would be nice to know why this doesn’t work on some installations while it works for others.

On my Windows PC it does not toggle, while on my Mac it does.