Notepad Display in Mixer window

In the inspector there is a notepad function.
I would like to be able to show this notepad information below the channels (as in Pro Tools).

Reason: Some plugs don’t automate very well. With the higher amount of inserts it’s a nice option to just load more instances and automate the bypass, but it’s easy to lose track of which insert number did what (e.g. 1=kitchen, 2=corridor, 3=hall etc…) Having the notepad information in the mixer would be a fast and easy way to remember.

Although this Notepad doesn’t show below your your channel, maybe this is what you’ve been looking for?

Mix Console/ Setup Window Layout/ Notepad?

You can check your Notepad’s On/Off-settings in the Mix Consoles “Setup Window Layout” by clicking the small triangle at the right side of the “Show/Hide Left/Middle/Right Zone”-buttons, but first make sure you’ve made these 3 buttons visible by checking “Window Zone Controls” in the Mix Console’s “Setup Toolbar” (the gear icon in the Mix Console’s upper-right corner)…

Niek/ Amsterdam

OMG, thanks Niekbeem :exclamation: