Notepad enhancement

This might be totally useless :

Ability to add scanned images or pdf’s to the notepad within Cubase?

Example: I’m currently doing a lot of reel to reel transfers. And theres track sheets upon track sheets and lyrics.

I’d like to be able to scan those in and actually have them saved inside the session. Either as notepad attachments or pdf or some other type of file.

Again, could be a totally useless feature.

Yep, I’d find that useful.

Also useful if such a notepad could be included on a per-instance basis for External Effects plugins — a way of noting settings. Particularly if you could import direct from a network device (like your phone for example!)

I think Html in notepad is also useful or Link feature with Evernote.

Aloha and +1000000000

I use the notepad live on stage for stuff like
lyrics/arrangement directions etc etc
and to be able to format Rich Text or images etc
would be very helpful.


I would not want this. Not to be a cold-fish, but I want the Notepad to remain DEAD simple. And frankly, if you’ve seen all the ‘rich’ editors (like on web sites or Wordpress) they SUCK for -fast-, glitch-free use. And knowing SB (sorry) they’d make it even more frou-frou… just -because-. :smiley:

The only enhancements I want to the Notepad… just like Windows Notepad

  1. Global font selection.

  2. Margins

Basically, to make the text more legibile. But I want an ASCII TXT format. No attachments or any other mark-up crap or spell check or anything else that can go wrong.

I would love to being able to add images of microphone positions, and controls on outboard gear. That would save me time when recreating the sound of a short passage that the guitar player wants to change, 6 months after the recording was supposed to be finished.
Ok I’m doing it now, and just dump the pictures in the project folder, but would be nice if Cubase could handle it.

How about allowing other file types in the Pool and then using the default editors (e.g. word, irfanview) etc to open them when you double click?

In fact, how about putting the notepad itself into the pool and then allowing us to have more than one??

Hoho, I’m now getting into my stride - how about we can then put the notepads from the pool onto the timeline and they pop up as the song plays :slight_smile:



Enhancements for the project notepad would be appreciated! I would like to have a print function and to edit the font size.