Notepad error - Steinberg Hub menu

I’m new to Cubase and having lots of fun learning these days.

I’ve recently run into an issue, when I select the Steinberg Hub option and then any of the following: Community Options, Support Option, Hardware for Cubase, VST Plugin Zone, Steinberg Website I get a Notepad error.

The notepad error states "The filename, directory name, or volume label is incorrect. Also a notepad file is opened that is Untitled. An empty Notepad file is opened as well that is untitled.

Any recommendations as to how to fix this?

It sounds like Notepad is set to be the default app to open web pages, so you should specify Internet Explorer?

Thanks for your reply. Where is this setting configured? When I first launch Cubase, it comes to the Steinberg hub and displays properly. I am able to select items in the list and they properly launch IE. So not sure that there is a setting problem. The notepad issues/error only shows up when I’m in a project and select the Steinberg Hub option menu at the top of the window and a submenu item under this.

You’re on Windows and I’m on Mac, so, sorry…

yep on windows 8.

Are those the pdf manuals? Possibly reinstall adobe reader…

I believe the submenu items under the Steinberg Hub Menu are are supposed to launch a web browser to target web pages like Youtube, etc

I have the same message but I get it when trying to activate trial versions.
It does appear to be pulling notepad for a file association but I do not know what file type is its trying to pull. Other options such as register do correctly open a browser. This only started happening once I installed trial versions and then went to try and activate them.

OK so here is what I did to fix this: I tried reinstalling dark planet from the DVD. I got an alert that I did not have Adobe Reader. I installed Reader and then finished the repair of the install and now the links work without showing the error so it must call a PDF with some code that redirects to the web site.

I fixed a similar error by going into my file associations in windows 8, I saw that htm and html files were set to open in notepad. I changed this to my browser and that fixed the problem.

Hey I’ve been away on work travel, with no time to log into Cubase. The htm setting on my PC was set to notepad. I changed it and presto that fixed the problem. Thanks so much for the recent posts, much appreciated. :slight_smile: