Notepad export

Im not sure if Im using notepad export correctly, but I didnt find any settings for it, and after export, file doesnt contain some information from track notepads. Can anyone explain how it should be used properly?


What kind of information is missing? Could you please share the project, just with the Notepad text, to be able to reproduce it?

Is it missing on the export side or on the import side? How do you open the exported file?


I have the same problem with Notepad export.

In my case the Notepad export includes Notepad data from all my Audio and Midi tracks in various Folders, but not from FX or Group tracks.

So it might be that the function do not look for Notepad data in FX and Group folders and tracks.



I can confirm. It’s like this since ever. Group, FX and VCA tracks are not included.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-28781.