Notepad (from Project) - make it able to be toggled

My hopes to be heard are slim but here it goes…

The Project Notepad can be opened via key command but it cannot be closed as easily. If this window would be made able to be toggled like e.g. MixerConsole or Automation Panel one would be able to open and close the Notepad with the same key.

EDIT: I understand it is hard to control something with the keyboard that is designed to print on screen the keys that were pressed. Now, a softkey could work (e.g. Shift + F12) bt you would have to restrict the assignable key commands to just such keys. And that would create a special design situation within the workflow of Cubendo, possibly creating problems for users. Hmmm… not quite sure how to deal with this.

P.S. I am not voting my own FR as I ran out of votes.

The Project Notepad toggles just fine here.
KC Project>notepad

I’m using Metagrid toggle on…toggle off. Sometimes there is a focus issue, but if that’s the situation, it just takes a 2nd press to close.

I’m on Windows 10.

That seems to be Metagrid enabling it, then. I can’t toggle it.

Can anybody else check this, please?

Its just a KC assigned to Metagrid. Metagrid should not make a difference.

Ill check just doing the KC tomorrow. I do know that to close it, if the project notepad isnt focused, it takes 2 presses…one to focus the other to close.

I just assigned a KC to Project>Notepad and it works fine.

As said, 1-press to open the Notepad. Assuming the notepad is then focused, 1-press to close it. If you move focus to something else with notepad left open, then it takes 2 presses…1 to focus it and 1 to close it.

It has nothing to do with Metagrid.

Thanks for checking it. Strange, that it doesn’t work like that on my system.

You are windows 10?

Open wild guesses.

Trash preferences. (remember to temporarily re-name or hide any prior cubase versions because when you trash, then re-build, i think it will suck back stuff from prior Cubase versions.

Open in safe mode.

Some type of always on top issue even though notepad doent have that.

Notepad is a totally floating panel so i can move it anywhere on my 4 video displays or even to my desktop. It may have something to do with the old Cubase “bar menu” thing. If i close for example cubase mix console 4 that resides in video display 3…then that display shows my desktop…and open firefox, then video display 4 minimizes and goes from where i keep cubase meters and history to showing my desktop while video displays 1 and 2 with mix colsole 1 and the project page taking up both those displays does not minimize. Thats probably very confusing. I just learn to live with it.

All this mess i can only attribute to having different types of output display ports and the Cubase “bar menu” thing.

Hopefully someone else will offer an idea.