notepad ideas

I think there is potential for the notepad area to be expanded with more easy to read.
1- add notepad #'s (adding the individual numbered notes)
2- let each note be placed along the timeline and have it be visible across the Arranger view as a small on-screen note.

I like the idea of a note track as a new track type so you can create as many as you want and put them where you want. It could be basically like the arranger track with its ability to color code notes so you can use different colors for different types of notes if you like. Edit notes red and idea notes green maybe. I would like to be able to take notes and place them right in the timeline so I can make a note like “clicks here” or a “tighten up” note next to the bass track were things get off or “need more cowbell here”. To often I hear something when listening to a track, make a note, and then not be able to find it in the track later. Being able to put a note next to a track right in the time line would be nice. Making note tracks independent or linked to a track (so they move when you move the track it is linked to) would be cool too. I have not see this concept in any other DAW but have not used them all either.