Notepad improvements

I would LOVE to see a few improvements on Notepad 1. Scalable fonts… would be great to read bigger text in some instances, a nice feature to have (logic already does) 2. ability to imbed and follow web browser hyperlinks (such as YouTube,etc) very handy for reference tracks, etc. and 3. ability to size window and have fonts adjust. proportionally. similar to #1 but would be in addition to having the font window open to select font type and size that #1 would provide…




Yes please!

Also, be able to drag/insert images for those who use hardware gear or write hand notes would be nice too.


Please, yes. Extremely old/limited right now…actually, completely limited since we can’t change anything in it aside from the actual text that we write.


And add photos and screenshots with copy/paste!

+1 again
RTF or something similar.
Pictures a must, to much hardware to recall, and recall sheets are kind of archaic when working with computers anyway.

+1 again too. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Guys, you seen this free snapshot plugin? Great for saving photos to recall hardware settings or mic positioning etc.

My dream is to have a note pad for writing songs. Chord symbols, lyrics, etc + everything above. Nothing too complicated Just writing out your lyrics and dragging chord where they need to go. Being able to add your own chord symbols would be cool.


The ability to change font size in notepad would be very helpful!

Steinberg should just try and acquire Session Recall and have it directly embedded where the Notepad is in a smaller GUI form which can be expanded, just like how the bottom zone can be expanded to a window.