Notepad in 8.0.2

While I am very happy to see windowing in Windows 7 greatly improved in the latest fix (welcome back minimize button!) I’m afraid I have to raise my arm (“KHAN!”) and ask:

Please fix Notepad. Or said another way: please restore standard text editor functionality.

When I open the Notepad panel in the Inspector, and begin the write, the cursor disappears. Meaning I cannot use it to select text, or go to a specific section of the text.

Why on earth, Steinberg, would you do that?

I often leave detailed notes there, and this inability to use the Notepad (as I would any text editor) has very quickly becomes maddening.

If this is some kind of pilot error, please let me know.

It is still broken :frowning:

Yes. And you have to randomly & blindly click somewhere outside the notepad to get the cursor back. Who knows what you might accidentally click doing that.

Yes, but you can hit the esc key to get out too.

Would be great if esc worked for all windows, and not just project setup, automation panel and a few others. But that’s a different thread. But yes esc and arrow keys to navigate has been the work around for me so far.

Maybe it will be fixed in 8.5 :slight_smile:

Also notepad does not work on Input and Output buses from the Mixer window.

So many of these threads could be condensed into a single thread:

For the love of God, please make all windows, widgets and screen objects look and function consistently.

If you get in the Wayback Machine, Charlie said that ‘restoring consistency’ was a primary goal when SX was originally created. At the time, almost every area of VST/5 functioned in a slightly different way.

And SX did indeed start very clean. But over time it’s been slowly veering off course again with each new feature.

^^ This!

+1 to concentrate some effort on making windows more consistent please Steinberg.


Aloha guys,

I am probably wrong on this but
IMHO ‘consistent’ window management might be one of those tricky probs for Steiny to solve
due to Cubase being a cross platform programme.

I use the notepad function mainly live on stage for lyrics, musical roadmaps, notes to self etc
and as long as everything is in ‘plaintext’ format, I have no probs with it.

Good Luck!

Good point about the cross platform needs, although many programs do successfully manage this. But it does add an extra wrinkle.

Just to clarify the regular notepad behaves OK. But the one in each track’s Inspector does not.

Exactly… It is lame and Steinberg should be embarrassed about this. :blush: (for them)

Regards :sunglasses:

Ahh! Got it.