Notepad inconsistent in editing view vs read view

using the Notepad with tabulators shows inconsistence in edit vs view only mode.

when I edit I use the tab-key to create space. It looks OK:
2021-10-03 15_09_41-1

Leaving the edit mode destroys the tab order:
2021-10-03 15_13_28-2

Cubase 11…0.30 build 419

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Confirmed… this very old text box must be using use different text display methods for the edit interface and the static display box. It’s worth reporting as a bug.

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In addition, when Notepad is in focus, mouse click outside the Notepad seems to become ineffective on most areas of the GUI.
I noticed that I need to click outside, then inside, then outside again, to make it work. And in some cases, the mouse cursor disappears.
(Windows 10)