Notepad keyboard blank

Because it is a total lottery in iPadOS Cubasis 3.5, if all AUV3 plugins will load when opening a saved project, I decided to use the channel notes feature to help remind myself of what rough preset I may have been using (the actual settings are now lost to the sands of time). It would help at least a little when I have to reload the plugins from scratch. Again, and again. And again.

But wait! The keyboard doesn’t load. So I can’t even do that. Is this a bug or a feature? Is it a feature only intended to be used with external keyboard? Perhaps I should try an external keyboard.

This seems to have fixed itself after a restart. I’d delete this post but I don’t have permission. I don’t why I thought that something Steinberg related would be a straightforward endeavour.

Hi there,
I find it easier to name each midi track part by double tapping on the particular track, tap on the track name on top left corner and rename it with the preset name. This is ideal if you have multiple prog changes in one track, you will then know at a glance what preset is being used (as long as you cut the track into individual parts).
This method is also invaluable when using Synthmaster 2 in a project, the reason being the preset banks are not at all stable, if you happen to downloaded new presets that are “factory presets”, they automatically slot themselves alphabetically into existing banks which then moves the original presets to a new numbered position……the project then starts playing the wrong sounds! At least by using this method I can successfully re-instate the correct preset numbers.
I hope this information is useful.
Regards, Mike

Happy New Year :beers:

Thanks Fixit, that’s great advice (which I will heed) and a happy new year to you too. :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, I’ve never had issues with Synthmaster 2 stability, I’ve found it to be quite good. I just happened to be using it in my example above. In fact external AUv3 instruments seem to be behaving as expected in 3.5 general.

[edit: I misread, you were talking about the banks being unstable, not the synth itself. Gotcha!]

The problems are mostly with AUv3 inserted effects, such as those in the Unfiltered Audio bundle (Silo et al). The effect is lit-up in its slot, but you can hear that it is not active and just a blank panel where the UI should be. Reloading the project wasn’t fixing it, and so the plug-ins had to be reloaded from scratch. I’m definitely getting into the habit of saving manually and often lately!

I’ve since found that after not opening a project for a couple of days, everything seems to have loaded as normal again. I really didn’t expect that to happen after failing a dozen times previously. So if anyone is reading this with a similar issue, please know that there is hope!

Hi @freakoutski,

Thanks for your message, and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays. Am I correct that the issue has been resolved?