Notepad on MIDI events

Hello! Is there option to add written notes to MIDI events separately?

No, there are only 2 flavors of Notepads - the Project Notepad & each Track has its own Notepad.

However in the MIDI editors there is the ability to add lyrics to a Note via the Info Line. Not sure how much text that field can hold.

Thanks! That would be useful. But I have no idea where to find it

The Project Notepad is in the Project menu → Notepad.

The Track Notepad can be found in the Left Zone (Inspector)

If you can’t see it you have to enable it first. Click the little cog wheel icon, which you can see at the bottom of my screenshot. This will bring up a little dialog that lets you enable the Notepad.

Thanks! Weird problem is that, when i open either one of them, Cubase crashes. And I have tried several times.