Notepad persistence

I’d like to see persistence in the notepad of the font size so I don’t have to keep zooming the font everytime I use the notepad window

It would also be useful to have an alternate play/stop keyboard shortcut for when the notepad has focus.


Plus… I’ll mention again that the notepad, in general, needs to be fixed to work properly. Loosing focus, cursor not staying visible… whatever. :unamused: Just a general fix to make it work like it should.

Regards :sunglasses:


I hope the long wait is because it is being replaced completely.
It is almost comical that it has been in this state for years.



Would be also great to be able to choose to show/hide the notepad whitin a project when opening this project, just like in Reaper (in the left bottom of the notepad)
Reaper notepad.JPG