notepeformer mixer channels

Noteperformer shows up in the mixer as one channel, is there any way to separate them like with other VSTs?

I’m not in front of my computer, but it has its own separate mixer if you click on the middle of the three icons to the right (where the NotePerformer instances are loaded) when in Play Mode…
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If you need to you can create one instance per instrument.

TylerE, that’s not something you can do with NotePerformer, as sounds cannot be loaded the usual way, but using the Playback Template.

Thanks for the responses. I’m aware of note performer’s mixer, however I tend to use it with other VSTs and would prefer having them all on the same mixer.

Good point but not sure if that’s possible (?)

It’s not possible, per the earlier responses in the thread. NotePerformer presents a single stereo output.

I revive this thread to ask following, please: reading the above, I understand that I can not route the NP individual sounds to the different Dorico mixer channels, as NP has a stereo output. If I want to export wav audio in individual files for each instrument, should I then mute all but one instruments and do the export step by step to reach that?

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You should simply be able to use the existing option in the Export Audio dialog to export each player separately, which will do all of the muting and soloing automatically for you.

Thank you, Daniel.

Right, I got NP and am seting it up now and can see that this audio export can be done very easy. Perfect!