Noteperfomer Issue

Sometimes upon playback Noteperfomer will cause a loud bang-glitch (worthy of falling off your chair) and then stop playback sounding. To get it work again I have to navigate PLAY>play>playback template>Noteperformer.
I don’t recall having the issue with other VSTi’s.

Anybody else experience this?

I’m not sure how to tell if this is Noteperformer, Dorico, my PC hardware, or the combination of the the three together, because I have not used Noteperfomer with another notation software. I highly doubt its my PC as I have had +20x that number of VST instruments loaded in ProTools and no issue with playback.


Yes, this has been reported before on the FB group. The solution apparently was to increase the buffer. You probably have it set to something like 128 or so?

Thanks Dan. I didn’t notice it was an option in Dorico. It was 512, ive set it to 1024 now. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

This is a known issue in NotePerformer that I believe Arne has a fix for, so please contact him.

It was also reported here in this forum, and yes, it’s an issue in NotePerformer. The manufacturer of NotePerformer has already a fix for it, please get in contact with him.

Okay thanks all. I have my buffer at max and its still happening. I will contact Arne.

Arne told me that the newer beta version of Noteperformer has this fixed. it is an optional download when you have purchased the software. Just fyi if you notice anyone else has the issue.

Here’s a really nice story about how this guys works:
I reported this a while ago and Ulf responded whithin 10 minutes or so. He forwarded my project and my description of the problem to Arne so he could take a look at it. Later on that day, or maybe the day after, Arne emailed me privtaly telling me he’d found the problem and fixed it in the next update. :heart: