noteperformer 3.3 and articulations

I use Dorico 3 and noteperformer 3.3. Unfortunately, different articulations are not played, for example fz and fp. The support of noteperformer gave me the response that Dorico would not allow for touchperformer. Or is there a possibility?

Those dynamics (envelope shaped) are not implemented yet in Dorico. HSSE won’t play them neither. It’s on the team to-do list :wink:

The workaround is to place a p at the next rhythmic position after the fp, and hide it. It then plays back correctly.

Do I understand that correctly, Dorico can not play fp, sfz etc.? With no sound library? The workaround for fp has come to my mind already. But what do I do with the rest?
I had actually hoped that at least one sound is silver. If you are already so busy in advertising. OMG - that will probably come in the pay version 5.