NotePerformer 3 and Dorico 4, Overwriting Default note duration

Overwriting Default note duration to make them legato (Especially for string)
So for strings to play Legato in NotePerformer 3 they should be slured. BUT, for the slurred notes to be performed live they would be misinterpreted to be played one bow. So, I tried the solution in the Attachment below and the change of the default note duration setting didn’t seem to change how the unslurred (Default Note Duration) notes were played by Noteperformer. Any Ideas?

If you would like to hear legato, wouldn’t it make sense to notate it as legato?

You can also manually edit note end offset to simulate the kind of ”on the string” playing with note performer. This can be done in the properties -panel.

NotePerformer’s Expression map uses Playback Option overrides for everything, so it won’t matter what you set those options to.

If you want the default sound to be more legato, change the value of CC19 from 0 to 1 for the Natural expression in Noteperformer’s map.


When writing legato for strings… No. Apparently they perceive it as a single bow and thats not the articulation I’m going for…

That’s perfect thanks a lot!

Okay, now the question remains if you want it detaché. And add the detaché on the notes you want?

Well, you have to indicate the difference somehow. So yes, a Playing Technique in the score (which could be hidden if you don’t want it to print.)

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