Noteperformer 3 some oddities


I’ve purchased Noteperformer 3. Love the sound and easiness. Some oddities though.

  1. When using mutes on brass instruments Open doesn’t reset the sound. For some strange reason I must use Nat. Why is that? Open is The most common way of telling the player to remove the mute.
  2. Wrong bass sound. When selecting acoustic bass Noteperformer chooses electric bass. If I want the acoustic bass to play I need to choose the fretless bass instrument.

Is there a way of changing this? Especially the mute. No one would understand what to do if says Nat. in the part…


Further more, I just discovered that if I have a passage where the Trombones use bucket mute and 4 bars later I want cup mute, if I just write cup mute the sound will not change. I must first write Nat. and then cup mute. Then it works. Very strange. Any ideas why?

Dorico’s playback system still is work in progress, so this is currently a known limitation. Until it is put right, you must hide the Nat. technique in properties, so that the parts appear normal to the players.

Ok, that’s what I figured. It’s actually kind of the same problem when using the Halion sounds. No Mutes playback.

There it wouldn’t work regardless, because there are no muted samples available iirc … :slight_smile:

Ok, very understandable…:wink:

Anyone who knows how to change the playback sound? For example. If I choose the Acoustic Bass I get electric bass in Noteperformer. How do I change that sound to acoustic bass?

The only way I found to get the right sound is to use Freetless bass, but then I have to change the name in the score.

See here:

You do just need to choose the instrument that gives the correct sound, and change the name. Not too difficult!

Also, remember that you can make the name change permanent for all future projects where you add that instrument.

Thanks Dan!

I’ll do that as a temporary solution.