NotePerformer 4.3 is now available

We will probably add PianoTeq support at some point but the benefit will be mostly about workflow. That workflow improvement is more attractive to Sibelius and Finale users since Dorico was built for running multiple virtual instruments at the same time. Combining VST instruments is possible in all programs, but it can be more or less straightforward.


About the only thing you can really do with a piano is correct dynamic phrasing and voice balancing – and that’s something as likely to come in Dorico’s ever improving playback options, I suspect as more has been promised in this direction, as with NP involvement but I’m always happy to be proved wrong!

Please report on how it goes as I’m sure we’ll all be interested in how you get on.


Will do!

It would also be wonderful if you eventually added an NPPE for Organteq. I expect it would be a larger, more complicated project but I would buy it today and I’m sure many others would too considering the number of church choir leaders/organists using Dorico.


Yes, I agree. It’s very complicated, though, since users want to configure stops dynamically.

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Arne, could you comment on the interaction between the Dorico playback and the NPPE playback. Does the improved musicality the Dorico team claims for the Dorico 5 playback have any effect if using NP with NPPE or is it all the NP algorithms?

Unless I’m mistaken, they are turned off for NotePerformer as to not disturb it’s interpretation.

NotePerformer can be expected to stand separately from the notation program’s playback features. What may be applicable for NotePerformer is beat stress (which is already a feature) and automatic rubato, which isn’t a feature in Dorico, but NotePerformer would benefit from it since we don’t/can’t change tempo.

Hello @Wallander,

Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

The NI Factory Library has fine sounding Kaval and Bagpipes. About the Oud the best sampled is this one: Arabic Oud | Best Service | | EN
For the Rhodes piano, take a look at this one as an example. Actually my favorite:
Electric 88 Piano – Virtual Instrument - Waves Audio it’s pretty small and sounds better than Stage 73 by Arturia, by default.
About ethnic instruments you could check those libraries:
Spotlight Collection : Spotlight Collection | Komplete

I have one more question, which is a very important one for me, as a VSL - VI Pro Dimension Strings Bundle user.

Do you have any plans to create a NPPE for this particular library, in the near future? It’s the only library that offers real divisi, user controllable thrills (not limited to minor and major 2nd).

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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I think Arne has already said that he intends to support Synchron Player libraries only, no Vienna Instruments (Pro).

Rhodes has an official VST now that sounds great! It’s half off this month too.

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Dimension Strings is a unique product. Still, we couldn’t use a fraction of its functionality in NPPE. For example, we don’t have the CPU headroom for MIR. For that reason, I don’t see it as likely that we will support it.

What does MIR have to do with it?

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МIR and Dimension Strings are different products that can work independently from each other. So, no problem a NPPE to be created only for the library.
I have Dimension Strings, but I don’t own any of the MIR products.

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I mean the built-in MIR in Vienna’s player. Unless I’m mistaken, Dimension Strings uses impulse responses to simulate placement.

I believe the payers are recorded in place. I only see a plate reverb used.

I Just upgraded to NP4 with NPPE and bought the Engine for Cinematic Studio Series: I am astounded how well, natural and beautiful it sounds! I think I will experiment all night long :slight_smile:
Thank you Mr. @Wallander for this wonderful achievement!


DS was recorded on the Silent Stage. The SYNCHRON-ized version has impulse responses.

Still, please consider that the technology and feature set would be no different from our other playback engines. I think many DS users would consider it essential to get the showcase features of DS, such as natural divisi, direct access to players, selecting which string to play on, and changing the section size or layout. These are techniques we don’t support. We don’t want to risk users feeling misled by too-limited access to the sample library.


I notice that there is a NPPE for VSL SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition 1, (which I think is) another library created from dry samples and MIR technology with the goal to working well with other SYNCHRON instruments.

I guess, being a full orchestra with similar essential features to other products, it was deemed worthwhile to produce a NPPE for it?
(I do understand your reasoning re the huge number of extra features in Dimension Strings not supportable!)

Also in the VSL SYNCHRON-ized series, can I ask that if you do look at supporting any vocal libraries, please consider VSL Solo Voices. These are actually pretty good - imho somewhat better than the related Vienna Choir.
(Like Dimension Strings, there are a number of features probably not applicable to a NPPE, at least not yet anyway?!)

Also, VSL SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition 4 has just AA sounds, but does have SATB solo & ensembles (+ other non-vocal instruments).

Thanks for a fantastic product :slight_smile:

Hi Arne,
You are partly mistaken…
VI Pro Player has an option to integrate MIRx Venues, but in case one purchases it separately. I don’t own MIRx Venues, and I’m using Altiverb as main reverb. I did the whole positioning of the sections manually in VE Pro.
MIRx is a totally different product than MIR Pro 3D.
Here you can check some info about MIRx:

Dorico already offers a fine working Virtual Stage, so you could take advantage of it.
In conclusion, Dimension Strings Bundle is completely independent from MIR, or MIRx, and you could freely think about making NPPE for this amazing library.
Actually there is a Synchron-ized version of this library, so you could provide NPPE for both versions. I prefer the VI Pro version, because it offers some possibilities that are not available in the Synchron-ized version.

Once you start working NPPE for the Dimension Strings Bundle, most probably this will naturally lead you to improve the NPPE technology in order to fully support the library.
As a Buddhist wisdom says: “The Goal isn’t important, but the Path to it is…”
So, just you need to start this “Journey” and place the goal as a guidance. The Path will do the rest. :slight_smile:

Thurisaz :slight_smile: