Noteperformer 4 in Dorico 5

Oddly enough, I’ve decided I prefer NP’s Singers to what is available in standard Dorico. The Dorico voices are far too “echoing” and reverby for my taste. I only want the voices to clearly carry the melody, NOT be so “present”. All the ones that I’ve tried seem to extend the notes too long. I tried Marcato versions, but they are still too vague.

Anyway, I have NP 4.0 installed (have used it with Sibelius for years).All the videos I’ve seen seemed to imply that simply having NP installed would make it available in the Play edit mode, but it does not. Dorico Help doesn’t mention NotePerformer at all.

Can someone point me to a concise description for adding NP?


Just for the records: you can edit the reverb to some extent in the instrument editor in Play Mode.

Yes, I’ve done that. Remains too wide or affected for my taste

Go back to NP’s site and redownload NP as if updating. This should give you the option to choose the NP “interpreters” you want, for Finale, for Sib, and/or for Dorico.

I suggest you reinstall NotePerformer 4: it should install the playback template for NotePerformer. Then you only need to apply it and Dorico will load the different instruments needed (and I totally agree with you that this instrument is way more useful as a singer “replacement” as notes, rhythm and musical intentions are better transcribed.