NotePerformer 4 Released

Wonderful. What library did you use here?

BBCSO. It’s my own aural transcription, so any errors are likely to lie there.

But currently I’m having such fun with NP4! Beethoven next!


We did a silent NotePerformer 4 update (involuntary beta testing :heart:) with some features that would go into the first official update. You can request the update from here:

Fixes include:

  • A new layer that improves volume/balance. Some notes were too loud, particularly at the low end.

  • On PC, the window DPI can be set from the Help menu in case the system DPI doesn’t produce a window of a satisfactory size.

  • On Windows 7, NotePerformer 4 no longer quits with an error message.

  • From the global Settings menu in NPPE’s footer, you can now toggle using plain NotePerformer for MIDI input instead of NPPE’s staccato sound.

  • Exported stems now have numbers in the filename, so they’re in NPPE order when sorted alphabetically.

  • Tam-tam no longer crashes on export.

  • BBCSO oboe section trill now works (please deactivate the engine, restart NPPE, and redownload, or it may not be balanced correctly).

  • In Finale, SPACEBAR + CLICK is supposed to work for playback (without Human Playback, as is normal, but you should hear the notes).

  • A new panning mode now preserves the original panning from the samples (e.g. Main, Ambient). These channels are only flipped for left/right polarity, and only the Close microphone is panned.

  • Fixed legato connectivity problems in Dorico (and possibly others) where the last note would fade out.

  • Sustain pedal now works for all staves using the same NPPE slot.

  • Fixed a bug with a tremolo that didn’t work in a difficult MIDI-polyphony situation.


Silent as in version 4.0.0 still being the current version number?

That’s correct. There will be a version number change, but we want more fixes to go into it.

We’re in such an early stage of a program, it’s unnecessary to hold back updates.


Wonderful attitude, thank you SO MUCH!!!


Hello !

I’m on a macbook air M1 (Monterey) with Dorico 4 going through Rosetta because of NP3, so I’m considering upgrading to v4, but it raises some questions :

  • are there users here with a similar system that could give some feedback on whether it’s working well ?
  • are there significant improvements in performance in the end going from Rosetta/NP3 to native/NP4 in Dorico 4 ?

I’m not considering using other sample libraries for the playback, just NP’s native sounds as I already have Cubase for more serious rendering and am not planning to use Dorico as a DAW.

Thanks for your feedback !


Being content with most of the NP 3 sounds I am only interested in improving the string sounds, especially the Solo strings. Now some of the companies which produce the libraries compatible with NPPE:

Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Core
Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro
Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra Berklee Edition
Cinesamples Cine Series for Kontakt
Cinematic Studio Series
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition
Steinberg Iconica Sections & Players
Audio Imperia Nucleus
Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Prime

do also produce solo string libraries, e. g. Spitfire, Orchestra Tools, Cinesamples, EastWest… Does anybody know whether these libraries are compatible with NPPE? Is there any recommendation?

unless the libraries are on the list they are not currently compatible. I have solo strings from VSL and Chris Hein for instance, neither of which are as yet on the list.

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Some of the supported libraries have solo strings that NPPE also supports.

Those libraries are BBCSO Professional, Berlin Berklee, Cine Series (CineStrings SOLO), and Cinematic Studio Series (Cinematic Studio SOLO Strings).


That fixes the shortened not at the end of slurs, thank-you.

I’m noticing something else, however.
With BBCSO-Core (I don’t know if it does it with other libraries. It doesn’t with NP3), marcato articulations ARE louder, but their duration is full length instead of being shortened. Even if I set the length of the playback of that articulation in Playback Options/Note Durations/Marcato Notes to something very short, like 50%, it ignores that length and still plays the note’s full value.


NotePerformer has Overrides in its Expression Map for those values, so changing them in Playback Options won’t affect it.

but you can still change the value in NP’s override section … :slight_smile:

Arne, I installed it in my Mac Mojave with Dorico Pro 4.3.30, and it looks like NPPE (VSL Prime) is no longer connecting. I reapplied the playback template, but nothing. No mixer channel was surrounded by the white frame in the Dorico-NP mixer. Staves are assigned in the NPPE app.

I even deinstalled the player, and let NPPE redownload it. No change.

Is there some new parameter to choose?


I must say one thing which is making it a bit more difficult to definitely commit to this system is the fact you cannot export audio with the trial version of NPPE. Because of the greatly increased system demands for the libraries which interest me, I cannot tell if an audio export would be free of the dropouts which can occur and are not an issue with the libraries natively. It would be great if it were possible to have a time-limited trial of this feature although I know that’s not the way NP usually operates.

The other thing which would be helpful to have confirmation of is if all the articulations in the libraries are supported at least in some fashion. The fact I cannot so far find a way to active portamento with CSS for instance is a bit of a concern.

Unfortunately we never shortened marcato, since that’s not a universal performance rule of marcato. If there’s shortening with NP3, it’s delicate and should carry over to NPPE. Still, it may not be audible in the context of sampled note releases.

I am also having this issue. Instruments load, but nothing is routed through them.

Can I ask if you’re on Mac or PC?

Same problem here. M1max Mac