NotePerformer 4 won't load into Dorico 5, diagnostics report attached

I have attached the diagnostics report created after closing my Dorico file into which NotePerformer would not load even though NP was both the saved playback template and the default in Dorico preferences. It may or may not be related but in the past several days the same file was producing unexpected balances between various instruments of the orchestra while using NP4 and the NPPE for Musio. Dorico has also needed to be force quit several times in the past week or so but I never created diagnostics reports. I am using Dorico and NotePerformer 4.2.1 on an M1 Mac mini with 16 GB RAM and Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1. Any help will be appreciated!

Dorico (556.5 KB)

There are four crash logs for the VST audio engine contained within your diagnostics. Two of them show that Musio caused the crash, and the other two show that Inspirata Professional was the culprit. You could consider sending the crash logs to the developer of each plug-in for them to investigate further.

Dorico will need to be force quit if the audio engine has crashed, so I suspect that explains the freezes you have experienced with Dorico.

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Thank you!