Noteperformer and Dorico 4 (Solved)

I have Noteperformer (and the latest version I am sure). A project created with Noteperformer can open, but playback doesn’t quite seem to work well. On a new project, Noteperformer isn’t even an option in the dropdown menu.

Is this a Robby problem, a Noteperformer problem, or a Dorico 4 problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

(M1 Mac mini)

FWIW, I cannot seem to get Halion SE to work well either. It plays a very horrible beep sound.

Along with that, I am unable to open the Halion window by pressing the “e” icon.


It wasn’t as easy to find on the Noteperformer website (after about 15 minutes), I found the answer.

Dorico 4 must be run in Rosetta.


That is concerning, considering Dorico4 is Apple Native now.

Yes—all plugins must speak the same language, so if something (in this case, NP) isn’t updated to be M1 native, you must run it via Rosetta. This is true of most DAWs as well.

I must have been dreaming, but I swore that NP was Apple M1 silicon native. That’s why I started the thread. But in the end, I learned I was incorrect.

For now, sound is not so important to me. So I will hold on on worrying about playback until NP, Kontakt, and Halion are native to the M1.


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For what it is worth, word is that Arne is working on an update to NP.

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Now, I’m afraid, you have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. I thought that by taking a year after the release of Apple’s first machines using the new architecture that we would be one of the last applications to be native on Apple silicon, but in fact we are among the first, and Cubase 12 is right behind Dorico. Please make sure you let your favourite plug-in developers that native Apple silicon VST3 plug-ins are what you’re now looking for.


I understand the transitional problem, and it’s partly economics, too. I’m sure Arne now has to split his time between getting it “Apple silicon ready” and all the features and improvements he wants. These kinds of radical transitions from large companies can be difficult for everyone.

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What terrifying effects do I have to fear if I run Dorico on Rosetta? (I just recently started using Dorico, coming from Sibelius where I loved the NotePerformer output for a lot of things).

None whatsoever.

I have been using both dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 (all three releases so far) under Rosetta without a single issue or crash.

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Thanks for the reassurance!
I just tried it out, and it does work as advertised (although there is some odd behaviour in editing some text entries… but I need to see if that is reproducible before I flag it).
Noteperformer continues to have problems with starting and stopping promptly–something to do with pre-cacheing I suspect-- but this happened with the plugin in Sibelius as well.
So I will only run Dorico in Rosetta when I need to bounce something…

It is an advertised function of NP that it operates on a slight delay. It uses this time to analyze the music and work its magic. It’s not a “feature” so to speak, but expected behavior.