Noteperformer and glissandi strange behaviour

I fully understand Dorico and Noteperformer cannot do glissandi at this point. But in my long stretches of constant multiple gliss., somehow it attempts to do them, and produces a hideous stepped whining (its hard to describe how horrible it is). Two questions: a) why is it even doing this, and b) how can I disable it?

I would much rather have it not attempt to render gliss. at all rather than it make a complete fruitcake of them as it is doing.

Select the glissando line and activate the Suppress playback property.

@dspreadbury Thanks!

Any idea why the very strange behaviour mentioned?

Not without seeing the project itself, I’m afraid.

generally, as gliss is not supported in NP, it plays a semitone step run which is the default currently built into Dorico. If you disable playback, it just plays normally. If you post a bit of the project which shows this strange behaviour, we should be able to see what’s going on.

@dko22 Ah, well that’s exactly what it is doing. With very widely spaced notes, that’s what I am hearing. My understanding as a newbie is that gliss is not supported and so it should not do anything, which is what you would think. but that explains it. So there’s nothing wrong with my project. [But you never heard anything so awful! And this is microtonal music, so it’s a total fruitcake as I said. :slight_smile: ]

yes, probably nothing wrong with your project and I can imagine some odd things might well happen with microtonal music! . It’s not the case that gliss does nothing in Dorico – you may have misunderstood that – but that it does semitone runs. To be clear, NP does support gliss in Sibelius but not yet in Dorico though I’m sure it will come before too long

With other libraries that support gliss or portamento (more commonly the latter), you just assign it to the appropriate keyswitch in the Expression Map and disable the inbuilt step run playback.