NotePerformer and harmonics


Am I wrong in saying that strings harmonics are among the missing features in the current NP beta?

What I do is writing the base note, then the fourth harmonic, then change the harmonic’s notehead to a white diamond notehead.

Playback is that of a double string, instead of an artificial harmonic.


Dear Paolo,
Artificial harmonics are not implemented yet in Dorico. This is why Dorico plays what is written without interpreting it as an harmonic. You probably will have to create your own expression map in order to make it trigger the sound you want… I gave up on this and will wait until the proper implementation: it will then be very easy to input those and will be beautiful (that’s what the team has always delivered so far)!

Marc, exactement. I see there are other symbols that are not yet interpreted. I’ve been spoiled by the use of NP in Sibelius, where everythings is so natural. I can’t wait for all those great features to come to NP for Dorico!