NotePerformer and Iconica

Can I use Noteperformer and Iconica together? Lets say, Iconica for orchestra and NotePerformer for solo passages?

Build a playback template like this! As long as the Endpoints are clear and no duplicates (you can’t expect two similar instrument players to have different vstis), it is perfectly doable. Note that solo players and section players are different, from an Endpoint point of view.

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One can even integrate Iconica (Sects & Player–not so much Sketch, I assume) into NP via NPPE.

Yes, and I have a related feature request: Many libraries do not contain both section and solo strings and it would be much easier to prepare playback templates if the instrument and instrument family overrides included separate entries for section and solo strings that could be assigned to different libraries.

I’d go even farther and generally agree with noteperformer’s distinct between a "soloist’ and ‘section member’, with the former laying on more vibrato and expressiveness.