Noteperformer and Kontakt

Is it possible to combine Noteperformer and other vst - instruments in Dorico 3?
Until yesterday I had a set-up running with NP as basis and three instruments routing to Kontakt. I think I followed the instructions in one of the video’s saving and endpointconfiguration and making a new template.
That all worked fine, but now when adding new instruments for NP, nothing happens. NP loads the wrong sound or loads no new instrument at all.
So I wonder if there are the do’s and don’ts trying to do this.
It might be that you’ll have to fully complete the NP set-up befóre changing a few of then to Kontakt. Or something like that.
Ideas would be very welcome!

Yes, it should be OK, provided your playback template consists of the “automatic” NotePerformer template as well as your manual Kontakt endpoint configuration.

Aaah, thank you! Your answer told me that I was doing something wrong. I missed the final step (although it’s in Anthony’s video, I see now). Because I started with a NP template I was (wrongly) thinking that I only had to add the manual configuration. I didn’t enter NP as the automatic one…
So solved.
This is my first big project in Dorico. Fingers crossed.