Noteperformer and new artificial harmonic support


I’m trying to get NotePerformer to play back the new artificial harmonics. I made a new touch 4th artificial harmonic but it plays back the bottom note in the original register ord. instead of two octaves higher as a harmonic. I tried making a copy of the Noteperformer technique for natural harmonic to artificial harmonic but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I can see in the playing techniques lane after I apply the touch 4th harmonic it still shows “natural” for the note in question, which is presumably why that doesn’t work.

Any easy way getting playback of these new style artificial harmonics to work?


I don’t think harmonics play back in Dorico yet.

Found a workaround - create new playing technique touch4 to change articulation to artificial harmonic, duplicate expression map technique for noteperformer “natural harmonic 1” and change technique to artificial harmonic and add 24 semitones transposition, add touch4 technique to the harmonic note and hide it.

One suggestion to Steinberg - can you add a “show by default” or “hide by default” setting for playing techniques? Just to set the default hidden value on create. Even when the program supports artificial harmonics built in, there will always be a need for hidden techniques for playback purposes, and it would be handy if they could be hidden without having to create the technique and then enable “hidden” each time.

I can’t see us ever adding an option like that – it’s all a bit backwards. If you want to create something purely for playback purposes, that should be done in Play mode. Obviously at this point you can’t create a playing technique change directly in Play mode, but conceptually that is where it would become possible in an imagined future where such a feature exists,

Yes, putting such an option in play mode makes more sense.

Harmonics are not always 2 octaves up. On violin if you stop with 1st finger and touch with 4th then yes, it’s usually 2 octaves (if the 4th finger stretches to 1/4 of the remaining string length from the stop). However there are plenty of other harmonics that aren’t, e.g. where you’re touching 1/3 of the string length in which case it’s an octave + 5th

You can get the same pitched note in many different places on different strings.

Also I believe that string libraries would need to either know the end intended pitch (sounding pitch) or be able to figure it out. MIDI doesn’t allow you to send 2 bits of information in one Note On.

So I think the best way to resolve this may be to separate the notation from the playback. Have an extended attribute of the note (being combined stopped note and touched note) which is the played pitch. When rendering set the patch to harmonics and send this sounded pitch instead of either of the notated ones.

Yes, I realize that. But I mostly use touch fourth harmonics and at least this workaround works for touch fourth. Ideally it would send the sounded pitch instead of the notated one, I assume that’s coming in an update.

Yes, Dorico will in due course play the sounding pitch and not the notated pitch for harmonics.

Hi Daniel (and all) - has there been any news regarding this topic?

No, Dorico 3.0.10 does not introduce any changes in harmonic playback.

No problem - looking forward to when its eventually implemented :smiley: