NotePerformer and NPPE with Cine Series for Musio

For me, the dynamic levels of different instruments don’t seem as well matched as in other libraries used with the relevant NPPE. For example, the harp sounds louder than it should. Is this problem unique to me and or are others finding the same thing?

Sample libraries in general are so imperfect that taming them to match native NP levels must be a real (and never-ending) battle… I Do enjoy playing with NPPE, but there is always a moment of relief when I hit the mute button … :innocent:

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Not unique to you. The harp is rather loud.

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Isn’t that the harp concerto from Mahler’s 5th symphony?

Yes, It’s musio doing the start of the adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony… the harp is too loud? Yes and no…

Thanks for the audio clip using Musio, @fratveno! Your playback sounds great and leads me to think my clear playback difficulties must be related to problems with the test files I am using.