Noteperformer and some other problems

I’m testing Noteperformer and have some problems:

  1. I’m making a leadsheet with chords and a theme. I have set the chord track to midi channel 3 (a piano sound) but I get no sound unless the piano part is included in the layout. If I click a chord in write mode it sounds but not when the leadsheet layout(without the piano part) is running. The little speaker icon in play mode is enabled, the chord track is set to midi channel 3 and I see activity on that channel when a chord is playing. But no sound unless the pianopart is included in the layout.
    It works fine with HS.

  2. Noteperformers mixer is sometimes empty. Happens randomly.

  3. Changing playback template doesn’t change the chord track to the chosen VST.

  4. Sometimes Dorico just vanishes into the blue air when changing playback template to noteperformer.

I am having articulation playback problems in an existing Dorico 2 orchestral project. Especially string instruments, I can’t seem to reset the playing technique using Dorico’s pop-up (nat, ord, arco . . . nor any combination of those). I have followed NotePerformers’ installer notes, and will attempt to see what it does in a new project.

I think I have located the problem having to do with multiple playing techniques assigned (stacked) on a note event: for example, a note in the cello with both ‘vib.’ and ‘ord’ seems to throw Noteperformer’s playback engine off.

If, in this example, I delete the two playing techniques from the cello note, the playback resets to a default, it seems.

I’m not able to reproduce this, unfortunately, and it’s difficult to say exactly what’s causing it.

Technically, NotePerformer supports control of vibrato irrespectively of articulation. We use different MIDI CCs for these, and it’s easy to see how we’ve set things up in the NP VST Expression Map.

But… stacking multiple articulations is not yet supported by Dorico, and will not produce the desired results. And articulations may not always turn off as expected, because the VST Expression Map functionality is not yet fully mature. At some point I’m sure these things will be resolved in Dorico, making NP integration more complete.

Does no one else have these problems ??

Other than the issues Arne alluded to with stacking and expression map oddities, but I avoid the chord track for playback as a matter of how I prefer to compose (in other words, the chord track is merely advisory and I explicitly write out my chords.)

Mads, the difficulty with using the chords track with NotePerformer is that you can’t load a sound directly into NotePerformer: it has to receive a MIDI program change on a given channel in order to load a sound. In general the chords track is designed to be hooked up to a channel you manage yourself directly in the virtual instrument, which is easy enough to do with most plug-ins, but of course NotePerformer is special in this way. You will indeed need to add an extra player to the project (which can be excluded from the full score layout) to prompt NotePerformer to load a sound that you can then route for the chord track.

I understand… - Thank’s Daniel :slight_smile:
I wanted to see only the chords and the melody and got around it by assigning the chord track to HS and the melody to NotePerformer.
But I still get an empty NotePerformer mixer sometimes :frowning:

You should only see an empty NotePerformer window until you start playback: at that point, NotePerformer receives the MIDI program changes defined in the NotePerformer expression map that tells it which sounds to load into each channel.

For reference, when the NotePerformer mixer is empty, this means no MIDI programs have been assigned from Dorico.