NotePerformer Blues

Having the damndest time being able to install NotePerformer 3 in Dorico 4 to play back. It’s thereon the playback template list, but when I install, silence. The onboard sounds work fine. Any thoughts?

Are you running a new M1-powered Apple silicon Mac? If so, you need to run Dorico under Rosetta. Consult the Dorico 4 Version History PDF (pages 51-52) or see here:

Forgive me, but I simply do not know the kind of Mac I use. But when I did the above, no Open Using Rosetta box to check. Any further ideas?

Did you buy your Mac in the last year or so? If so, it’s likely an M1 Mac (which is to say, it runs apple’s new ARM processor). If not, then Rosetta doesn’t apply.

Alas, purchased I do believe in 2018.

@dfelsenfeld , please load a project that is using NotePerformer and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file then post here. Thanks

Dorico (351.9 KB)
Here ya go

Just to clarify: are you applying the Note performer playback template? Adding NP to a project is a two step process. You assign the VST but you also have to apply the playback template.

I am.

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@dfelsenfeld , your NotePerformer got blacklisted by the vstscanner. What version do you have? Make sure you have the latest 3.3.2 update, then it will work.

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Alright, so I updated Note Performer, shut the program, restarted the computer and it is still not playing. Diagnostics attached.
Dorico (402.9 KB)

I’m not sure whether or not Dorico will rescan a plug-in that has been blocked by the scanner unless you force it to: can you try clicking the Reset Audio Engine Data button on the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences, and then restart Dorico?

ALRIGHT, we are getting closer. It loads, and plays, but I opened two pieces–one for orchestra; another for trio of flute, clarinet, and piano–and in both instances only the piano part played. BUT IT WAS THE NOTE PERFORMER PIANO.

@dfelsenfeld , if you go to Play Mode and do ‘Play > Playback Template’ and reapply the NotePerformer template, do then all instruments play back?