NotePerformer Compatibility

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I already reported it to NotePerformer developer, and know that the Dorico team is seeking a solution.
I am attaching two example of not working playing techniques.

Ex. 1: Bartók pizzicati does not work.

Ex. 2: the last arco (visible), as well as all Bartók pizzicati, do not work.

Please consider this when fixing the problem.

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Looking at the definition of snap pizz, it is defined as an attribute rather than a direction. If you change it to a direction, then it works (for me). Need to re load project after changing. Also, as a direction, you may need to insert some nat’s here and there, although the fallback is defined to be normal pizz, so maybe not.

I’m not sure user defined playing techniques that are attributes works yet. I have not been able to make them work, but I could be doing something wrong. I haven’t spent all that much time trying to figure this out…

Thank you for your kind answer, but I am sorry to say I am a bit confused.

What do you mean by an “attribute” and a “direction:”?

The expression “… does not work” in my post means it does not play the correct playing technique, in other words, the proper timbre, the proper sound, etc.
I inserted “pizz.”, “arco”, “col legno battuto” and the snap pizzicato symbol via playing technique pop over by pressing “shift + p”.

Playing techniques are defined as either an attribute or a direction. An attribute applies to a single note. A direction applies to all notes following until some other direction cancels/changes it.

You define these in the playing techniques editor. Examining the technique for snap pizz, it is defied as an attribute, which is fine, but as you say it doesn’t work. Editing the technique to be a direction does work, so I am offering this as a workaround until someone describes how to make it work as defined.

Oh, thank you for your kind explanation. I understand now.

“Attribute” and “Direction” in the “Articulation type” in the “Edit Playback Playing Techniques”!

Your solution is very good!
However, the snap pizzicato is assigned to a single note or a single chord in the real world, so we do not add any additional expression (any direction regarding playing techniques). I think it should be fixed by the developer team.

Yes, I agree with you. This should work as an attribute type of technique. By the way, here is a video that describes how to use the playing techniques editor if you haven’t yet seen it:

dbudde is correct that attributes do not yet play back correctly, so this most commonly affects the various pizzicato symbols as well as harmonics. This is quite a high priority item on our roadmap.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I am expecting those implementations!