NotePerformer does not show up any UI

Hi everyone,

My problem with NotePerformer is a bit weird. I have latest Dorico 3.5.11 and NotePerformer 3.3.2.

The plugin doesn’t show any UI when I click the edit instrument button on the VST Instruments panel. Something is happening, seems like the main Dorico window stops being active, but there is no any new active window with NP UI. No sound either. Plugin is not blacklisted - it shows in the VST list.

Installed/reinstalled Dorico and NotePerformer all together several times.

Please help. I am having this trouble for quite a while and still have not got this to work.

Try Clear Audio Engine Cache under Preferences -> VST Plug-Ins.
Also maybe reapply the Playback Template under Play Tab -> Play menu.