Noteperformer Dorico 4 win

Dorico (449.7 KB)
Neither making a new one nor reapplying helped,
I tried moving the Steinberg folder from my C into my D drive… verschlimmbessert (I made it worse), now I can’t access change my audio device and it’s on the wrong one…

I hope I don’t have to reinstall dorico again :frowning:

Dorico does not recognize the Generic Low Latency Driver any more for reasons I don’t know. Please have a look under C:/Program Files/Steinberg/ASIO
What files are there?
I would not reinstall Dorico, but run the installer again and choose the repair option.

Hi @Ulf . I’m also having problems getting NP to work with Dorico 4 Pro on Windows 10. Other sound libraries work fine. Things I’ve tried so far: reinstalled NP to C drive; copied Dorico folder on D drive and renamed to Dorico 4; cleared and reset the audio engine cache. After all this, the NP mixer appears, and indicates it’s receiving events, but the volume meter doesn’t move and no sound.

You mention running the Dorico installer again and choosing the repair option, but I’m not sure where that is. When I run the Download Assistant and select Reinstall, there isn’t a repair option.

I created a diagnostics report, but it won’t let me attach it because it’s too big (7mb).

Any ideas? Tks.


Hi @TBB , you could unpack the diagnostics report and repackage to smaller zips and attach here, or you send it straight to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.
Let me first see the diagnostics before I give further advice. Thanks

Hi @TBB , thanks for the diagnostics. You have NotePerformer installed in two locations on the C and D drive, but I don’t know which one Dorico actually picks up when loading the plug-in. And actually there is a known issue, that NotePerformer needs to be installed on the C drive in order to function properly.
Therefore, please make sure to get rid of the NotePerformer on your D drive and then try again after clearing the audio engine cache (to be found in the Dorico Preferences dialog on the VST Plug-ins tab).

Ulf. I’ve seen you say this elsewhere, but I don’t understand. AFAIK I have NotePerformer installed on my E: drive and it has always behaved without problem.

Hi @Ulf. NP used to be on the D drive, but I uninstalled it and reinstalled it on C. I deleted all the residual files on D, so there’s no trace of NP there. So I’m sure that it’s picking up NP from C. I tried both clearing and resetting the audio engine cache, but still not working. The MIDI seems to be reaching NP, but the audio isn’t coming back.

Hi @Janus , I’m not quite sure on this, but I did have customers with NP installed drives other than C and it did not work. When they moved it back to C it suddenly did work.
But maybe the problem was, that those people installed it on C and moved it out manually to some other drive and by that breaking it.

Hi @TBB, could you please send me a new diagnostics report? Thanks

@Ulf, thanks for your offline help with solving this problem. For the record, the solution was to uninstall and then reinstall NP. Why that didn’t work when I tried it earlier I don’t know, but looks like it was an NP issue, not Dorico. Thanks again.


Hi again @Ulf. I spoke too soon. D4 is failing to load Noteperformer again. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled NP several times (to the C drive), tried reseting the D4 cache and audio engine, but still no success. Diagnostics attached if you have a bit of time to look. Thanks,

Dorico (927.8 KB)

Hi @TBB , sorry for the late reply.
Well, Dorico now finds 2 NotePerformer installations, one in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\NotePerformer64.dll and one in C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePerformer\VSTPlugins 64-bit\NotePerformer64.dll.
Try to get rid of one of them, then in the Preferences dialog erase the VST Audio Engine cash and try again.

Hi @Ulf. Np - I wasn’t expecting a reply because it’s the weekend :slight_smile:

Not sure how Dorico saw C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePerformer\VSTPlugins 64-bit\NotePerformer64.dll because it’s not in the VST2 path list. Anyway, I removed each dll in turn, re-tested after resetting the cache each time, but still no success.

Then I uninstalled NP and noticed that both dlls were removed. I reinstalled NP, this time in C:\Program Files instead of …(x86). Still no success, but only one dll now recognized, I see. Diagnostics below…

(FWIW, I also have a ticket in to Wallander.) And, BTW, NP works fine with D3.5.

I’m actually going to be out of town for the next while, so I won’t be able to try any further fixes for a bit. I’ll check in again when I’m back.

Dorico Diagnostics (802.3 KB)

Hi @TBB , thanks for the new data.
Right, now only one NP gets recognized, but even more strange, that it does not work. Plus, I found one more oddity in your case. Your last project used also has another effect plug-in on the master channel, but that one also does not get loaded. Do you know what effect that is supposed to be (because I can’t see from the logs)?
So this somehow leads to the conclusion that it has nothing in particular to do with NP. But let’s try something different. So your Dorico installation is under D:\Steinberg. Please make a copy of that folder and paste it temporarily to your desktop. If you then start Dorico from the desktop location, how does it behave then? Thanks

Hi @Ulf. The effect plug-in is TDR Nova, a dynamic equalizer (which is really good, BTW). It’s loaded OK in the past, but I didn’t use it for the current project, so didn’t notice that it didn’t load this time.

I copied the installation folder from D: to the Desktop and tried running from there, but it didn’t fix the problem - failed to load NP.

I’m away now for a while, but will check in again when I’m back home. Thanks for your help.


Hi Tony, then I need to prepare an audio engine with more logging output. I’ve sent you a private message, please check.