NotePerformer + Dorico 4


I have bought the license to newest NP, and it’s fine mostly. The sounds it makes is fine, but there is low sound, I have to tweak the sound to higher and this is frustrating to do every time I do a new file… TIA

Have you looked at the NP settings in play mode:

You can save your settings as a named preset here.

sorry for a late reply, I have tried to increase volume and such, but nothing really happens that much… The sound that NP makes in Dorico 4 is very small… In comparison, I have a copy of Finale 27, and it works fine with it… TIA

You’ve tried adjusting the output levels in Dorico’s Mixer, I assume? You can boost both the master output and the two NotePerformer outputs.

Ok, I’ve found the solution… I just had to go to the Dorico mixer and put the volumes up… thanks to you all anyways … !!