Noteperformer Intonation

I looked both here and elsewhere to see if I could find an answer, but didn’t see anything on this topic. I really like Noteperformer, and used it in Sibelius before migrating to Dorico. The development of NP for Dorico was a great step forward, for me. However, the Classical Guitar sample/patch always sounds out of tune, especially octaves. It appears to be somewhat randomized, so I suspect it is a type of humanization setting; but as we can’t get under the hood to address/modify this (can we?), it is a bit frustrating. I can use the Harp instead, but it involves a number of workarounds, so I’d rather not, if possible.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thoughts on remedies?

Thanks in advance!

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I suggest you contact Arne about this, if you haven’t already. There aren’t any settings in Dorico to affect randomisation of intonation, so I think this would be something Arne would have to look at on his side.

Daniel, thanks - I have sent him an email. If I hear anything that may be of use to others here, I’ll post.

I heard from Arne - it’s a humanization setting, and as such is baked into the guitar samples. The reasoning seems to be that a guitarist will/can pull notes a little out of tune (expressively, of course). But good to know that it’s not the interaction with Dorico.