Noteperformer Issue

I really like that we can now assign instruments in NP via the built-in interface. However, there is a situation where this doesn’t seem to work - Voices/Singers. If I choose Solo Voices, as soon as I hit Play, the Soprano will remain as a solo voice, but the other parts will revert to the group/choral setting. This happens even if I have chosen Solo Player in the Setup. Other changes seem to hold ( I haven’t tried them all out) - if I sub a harp for a guitar, or vice versa, it works fine. I suspect something in the Playback Template, or something in the interface. Anyone else run into this? I’d really like to use the Solo voices!

Thanks in advance.

Turns out if I try and change the voices to woodwinds, the same things happens - the Soprano will change, but the others will revert to the first (score) setting.

It sounds as if somehow the channel assignments have got messed up. Can you try resetting the playback template via Play > Playback Template, then go through the NotePerformer interface to override the sounds again?

Will give it a try, and hopefully I can put a SOLVED pin it it.


Tried resetting the template - chose the HSE, let it load the sounds, then re-chose the NP template. Same end result: Soprano voice will change, others revert back to original setting.

Would you mind attaching the project here, Ron?

Daniel - here it is. I thought, perhaps, that the score I was having trouble with was one that had been imported via xml. This is s short experiment from scratch - choosing solo voices/single player in the setup.

Hope this yields some good info. (297 KB)

On the face of it this looks like a NotePerformer issue, though of course I could be wrong! I suggest you send this project to Arne and ask him to take a look. He knows where I am if he discovers it’s actually somehow a Dorico problem.

Daniel - thanks, will do. I had already contacted him about the intonation issues with the classical guitar samples; he will be tired of hearing from me! I say that as joke, as he is very thoughtful about how he approaches this fine product.

I appreciate your taking the time to look at this. Will post on how this progresses.

The NotePerformer 3 PDF Guide for Finale says near the top of page 29 “Opening the NotePerformer interface from Finale reveals our own high-resolution mixer”

I am not clear how to open this interface from Finale (mac version). I cannot find anything in the menus that refers to this, and do not know how to open and use the high-resolution mixer

Please advise.

Thank you

Finale is not a Steinberg product; indeed, nor is NotePerformer: this question should probably go to the Finale forum here.