NotePerformer keeps requiring a restart after Mac sleeps

Is anyone else having a problem with Noteperformer going slient and requiring a Dorico Quit/Start to bring it back? I’m on Ventura 13.4, Dorico 4.3.30 and NP 4.4.

When NP goes silent, a simple restart seems to restore all sounds with no problem…but it’s a bit frustrating to have to do this multiple times throughout a work day. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior.

Thanks in advance.

No, though I thought that Dorico normally prevented sleep.

Not sure what you mean by that since Sleep is accessed via the Apple menue and I would have thought that commands there have global/system-level authority over local/application-level plans/desires/goals, etc.

What @benwiggy wanted to say is that that audio engine in Dorico prevents macOS from automatically going to sleep following the user’s energy saving settings.
It will not prevent the Mac from going to sleep if you go to the Apple menu and hit Sleep.

I figured I’d misunderstood his comment. So, does the fact that I’m putting the Mac to sleep sound consistent with NP not waking up…:slight_smile:

I put my Mac (Mac mini (M2); Apple Studio Display; OS 13.6.6) to sleep with Dorico and NP running and have never had this problem.
For my ‘energy saver’ settings I have: “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” - off; “Wake for network access” - on; “Start up automatically after a power failure” - on. For my “Lock Screen” settings, I have: “Start Screen Saver when inactive” - 20 min.; “Turn display off when inactive” - 10 min.; “Require password after screen saver begins or display is turned off” - immediately.

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There’s nothing I can think of in our software that would cause this. I put my Mac to sleep daily and can go weeks without restarting the notation program.

Are you sure it’s not an audio driver issue? Can you produce sound by other means than NotePerformer?

Yes, no problem. Spotify, YouTube,QuickTime all continue to function.

I suggest that to force a Mac to sleep one has to shut down the Dorico audio engine, as Arne posits.

Putting the Mac to sleep with NPPE running works fine for me.

You’re using Dorico 4 - I suspect most of the people who say it’s Working OK have 5.

Try downloading a v5 trial and see if it fixes the problem.

On modern macOS, I would suggest going to Applications > Utilities > Audio/MIDI Setup, and creating your own Multi-Output device.

In Dorico, you use this Multi-Output device for your audio output setting, as opposed to using the audio driver directly.

Thank you!! I will try that…