Noteperformer latency in Dorico 3

There is this long latency while monitoring input whitch didn’t occur in version 2.2.
It’s about the same latency as Noteperformer has, but now it’s also happening without using noteperformer as an instrument.
I also removed the two folders in %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg to get Noteperformer playback configuration to work, but this didn’t change the latency.
So maybe the only fact that Noteperformer exists on my system causes this behavior.
Or could it be something else?

Did you change the block size of the ASIO driver? Maybe not intentionally.
To check the block size, go to Edit > Device Setup and click on the button for ‘Device Control Panel’ (if I recall correctly).
A new window opens where you can check the driver settings.

No, I tried already different buffer sizes, Dorico 2 is fine, Dorico 3 has this long 'NotePerformer"-latency. When starting up I keep seeing ‘detected instrument: NotePerformer’, when starting up Dorico 2 I don’t see this, probably because it has already detected NP before? In Dorico 2 there is no audible latency at all, exept when using NotePerformer.

Sorry, it happened to be the wrong ASIO Driver in Device Setup, it was set up for the generic low latency ASIO driver, I had to change that to my ASIO Hammeerfall DSP card. In Dorico 2 I did this a long time ago.