NotePerformer Mixer on 2nd Monitor Problem

I also posted the following on the VI-Control forum:

I’ve got a 2nd monitor on my iMac connected to the display port. When I drag the NotePerformer mixer to the 2nd monitor there is a resolution change so the mixer is magnified and only part of it can be seen e.g. the pan and channel titles are gone as well as the title bar with global volume and reverb. Also only 8 channels out of 16 can be seen.

The mixer window also loses focus so it is not possible to adjust volumes. Looks like the mixer only functions within the scope of the Dorico app.

I expect the issue is related to the change in pixel density when you move the window to a second display that is presumably not Retina resolution. Can you also try e.g. HALion Sonic SE in the same way, and see if the problem can be reproduced with that?

HALion Sonic SE works fine i.e. no loss of resolution and I can still control all parameters. My 2nd monitor is a BenQ running at 1920 x 1080. I’ve never had any issues moving windows (Cubase, Kontakt, Photoshop etc) between the iMAC and the BenQ.

OK, I’ll let Arne know about this, since it appears to be possibly something for him to look at in NotePerformer itself.

Thanks Daniel. Arne already responded on the VI-Control forum. When it’s solved, I’ll post an update here.

You could always “resolve” this by forcing (inside Dorico into low-resolution mode for all plug-ins. You do this by ticking that checkbox under “Get info” for, from Finder. This will force NotePerformer into low-resolution mode as well, meaning it should behave like Halion and Kontakt in this regard. If it doesn’t, please let me know.