Noteperformer nag-screen cause VSTAudioEngine to hang

Hi guys,

So, I was trying out Noteperformer with Dorico the last couple of days, and today, my allotted session time ran out :roll_eyes:
In such cases Noteperformer will popup a nag screen to push you into buying the program (it worked, because I did :grin:)

However, this caused Dorico to hang/freeze.
I was only able to restart everything after I killed the VSTAudioEngine from within the windows task manager. I wanted to use ProcessExplorer but that interface didn’t even startup, probably also because of the audioengine freeze.

This particular event won’t happen to me again, since I now own Noteperformer, but it should be looked at by the developers, that the audioengine is locking up so many other processes.

Thanks for listening,

That with Process Explorer is a problem of its own and has nothing to do with Dorico or its audio engine. You just have to click on Process Explorer again to make it open.

I clicked it several times… when it didn’t open, I just used Ctrl-Alt-Esc to open the task manager :slight_smile:

I have the same problem regularly, but usually after the second click or third click Process Explorer does open with me.

… something else that might happen though… Never say “yes” when a VST pops up a window in Dorico that says "A new version of XXXX is available, would you like to update it now? Just don’t. :slight_smile: Update it sometime outside of Dorico when the audio engine isn’t trying to start. Uh, or so I’ve heard. :slight_smile:

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That most certainly makes sense. A plug-in is a dynamically loaded library and while that plug-in is loaded into the audio engine an installer can’t access the file in order to do an update. So everything will go wrong one way or the other.
So as gdball mentions, say no and do an update at a later stage when Dorico is not running.