Noteperformer Not Appearing as VST

I’m new to Dorico so I apologize if this is obvious, but I have Noteperformer enabled as the default playback configuration. However, Noteperformer does not appear under any list of VSTs if I temporarily switch to another instrument for playback. Even placing every path I can find that contains something NP-related into the scan, Noteperformer never appears as a choice.

AFAIK one has to set NP up as the default first VST or add it by applying the NP Playback Template or a user-created variation thereof.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you’re having trouble.

Are you saying that if you change e.g a Violin, to use another VST, e.g. HALion, you can’t then restore the Noteperformer VST to the Violin?

Are you on Windows or Mac? And which version of Dorico?

Hi @wweitzel , please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create diagnostic report and post the corresponding zip file here or send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Wweitzel for some of us none of this is obvious

I’m having a similar issue which maybe I should post in a separate thread

After downloading bbc core + kontakt 7 + the NPPE etc yesterday and trying to figure how it all fits together I’m not sure it’s all working as it should

It’s probable that I left out some key step(s) getting it all into the laptop but I’m not even sure how I got as far as I did

In my case noteperformer shows as the playback engine but in the mixer the voices seem to be assigned as for example “Cello (NotePerformer 4)” and no indication of BBC SO that I can see

And it doesnt sound like BBC SO except possibly the pizzes

You need to have the NPPE app running. There you choose the instruments (from BBSO) you want NP to substitute in to the normal NP mixer. You will know if it successful because those instruments will be surrounded by a white border.

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I had done that and everything was ringed w the white line … but apparently hadn’t hit the “add instruments” button

Huge difference in the playback