Noteperformer not assigning correct instruments

Hi there. Not sure if I did something wrong as it used to be fine but now my project is not assigning flute and oboe sounds from noteperformer to those instruments and are instead playing them back as clarinets. When I open the noteperformer UI the list of instruments starts at clarinets. No idea where the fls. and obs. went. I already tried resetting it and starting my playback from the beginning to reassign the sounds and the same thing happened. Does anyone know what is causing this and how I can reset things properly?


Was this an XML import? Or MIDI? You should try re-assigning the instruments in Setup.

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First, try reloading the Playback template…
If that doesn’t work, maybe you started with clarinets and later changed your mind? Make sure you changed the instruments properly (and not merely the names…)