Noteperformer not opening mixer

I’m using Dorico 4 Pro in a trial on my windows 10 pc and when I installed the a trial of the lastest version of Noteperformer (3.3.2), it worked fine at first. It would load everything normally when I had it selected as the default playback template and the mixer would be able to open separately in a new window as per normal as well. So because of how much I liked Noteperformer’s sounds, I bought a license for it and installed it and for those few hours, it was completely fine, only sometimes not liking one of my monitors (though that’s likely because that monitor had both a different refresh rate and resolution to the monitor Dorico’s main window was open on).

However, the next day when I tried to open Dorico 4 Pro (still on a trial) and open the Noteperformer mixer (with the license installed from the day before) by pressing the ‘e’ icon, the Dorico window would do the normal slight fade thing that happens when a new window on your desktop is either opening or selected, but I would wait and no window would open. This also meant that not only would the mixer not open, but now even though my instruments are added to a midi channel for Noteperformer, no sound would play through Dorico’s mixer at all as well, making the entire VST of Noteperformer completely unfunctional.

I’ve tried changing and refreshing the audio output for Dorico, changing the VST to HALion Sonic SE or DoricoBeep then back to Noteperformer, uninstalling and reinstalling Noteperformer (trying both the licenced and trial versions), uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico 4 Pro, uninstalling and reinstalling ALL Dorico content, opening Dorico and mixers on a different monitor, changing the default playback template back and forth with other VSTs, and NONE of this works. I’ve even changed the installation location of both Dorico (and all its content) and Noteperformer multiple times to no avail.

It seems no matter what I try, Noteperformer specifically will not open its mixer and play audio anymore on any of my scores. This is weirdly exclusive to Noteperformer too, because everything works fine with HALion Sonic SE and DoricoBeep’s VSTs, its only with Noteperformer that the mixer won’t open.

Does anyone have any ideas for what to do? I’m at a complete loss and I don’t want to drop any money on purchasing Dorico until I can find a fix for this issue.

Hi @Lachlan_Dietrich , welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.
I’m sure we’ll get you up and running with NP again, but first please load a project (one that uses NP) and then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file please post here. Based on that I can give further advice. Thanks

Dorico (510.6 KB)
Attached is a simple brass quartet using Noteperformer (I can also confirm the issue didn’t randomly solve itself between postings, because the mixer still won’t open here :sweat_smile:)

Hi @Lachlan_Dietrich , Dorico does recognize your NP but still can’t load it in. Have you moved NP to your D drive? If so, please move it back to the C drive. Because Dorico can’t load it from another drive than C.

I did choose to install Noteperformer onto my D drive along with all of Dorico’s content, but now that I’ve installed both Noteperformer and all Dorico content back onto the C drive, the audio output for Noteperformer does work!

HOWEVER, although this is really good news, when I tried to open the mixer again for Noteperformer, it did open a window like it usually should, but this window didn’t render Noteperformer’s mixer layout at all and it proceeded to stop responding, also going on to effect Dorico itself in the same way. Even after leaving both windows alone for a few minutes, they still stayed unresponsive, leaving me with no other choice but to end the tasks in task manager. I tried this same process again with other scores to see if it was an issue with that particular score, but this issue occurred identically in all my other scores. I also tried disconnecting my monitor previously causing issues with the window, but that also made no difference.

Below I’ve attached an updated diagnostics zip file with the same score again but now with the new changes to the installation location and again with Noteperformer active. Hopefully there’s a simple fix for this new issue. Thanks.
Dorico (493.5 KB)

I’ve sent you a private message via this board. Please check

SOLUTION: After discussing in private messages, it was concluded that both Noteperformer and Dorico must be installed on the primary drive of the pc (in my case C drive) otherwise they cannot work together.
However, the issue regarding the mixer crashing on opening is due to the window simply opening on a different monitor from Dorico (also not my main monitor in windows settings; this may be important factor, but I’m not 100% sure), causing it to crash both Dorico and Noteperformer. This can be solved by disconnecting all extra monitors and then opening Dorico and Noteperformer on the one display (main windows display). This should now open with no hitches, so you can now reconnect the extra monitor/s and move Noteperformer around them as you please. HOWEVER, whenever you need to close Noteperformer’s mixer, you MUST close it on the monitor with Dorico open (preferably your main monitor in windows; again, I’m not sure if this is an important factor, but it should be noted) to ensure it can reopen on that monitor again, otherwise the crashing will occur again and you’ll need to disconnect your monitors and reconnect them again as before.
This is solve all the issues I at least came accross.

Thank you again Ulf for the support.

This solution doesn’t suit me.
I found out that putting it on C drive is not the key to solving the problem. You can still put them all on d drive.
I installed Dorico and note performer on the C drive as you did , but NP still didn’t work. After many tests I found that this has nothing to do with NP. We need to pay more attention to Steinberg Download Assistant, it is the culprit.
Do not install Dorico 4 with Steinberg Download Assistant. Its automatic installation is different from manual installation. You can just use it to download , but do not use its automatic installation. You need to move the downloaded zip file and Unzip it. Run setup. EXE after unzipping. You can choose a drive to install the EXE files manually. Then you should note that install Dorico to a location having the word Dorico in the pathname. Then install NP as usual.
After my test, NP whether installed in the C disk or D disk, my D drive installed Dorico can also let it work.
Now My Dorico and NP are installed on the D drive, but they work just as well.
My English is not very good,sorry.

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Welcome to the forum @LinearNightmare .

Thank you very much for your comment and sharing your experience. That is good to know and to be well remembered for similar cases in the future. Thank you