NotePerformer/NPPE and CineSeries for Musio

Is anybody using CineSeries for Musio with NotePerformer and the related NPPE? This library includes huge numbers of downloads for individual instruments using different articulations and these are comparatively small but downloading would still take a lot of time and effort. However, for each instrument there is also a single, much larger “Keyswitch” file and I expect these files must be what NPPE works with, giving it ready access to included articulations via the switches. If so, this will make downloading significantly more convenient. Any feedback from users of the Musio library will be appreciated.

NPPE will automatically download the necessary files… just be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @fratveno. I know NPPE will download samples from my ssd into NP to be used in Dorico and hope you realize this is not what I am wondering about.

I have the Musio app on my computer but haven’t yet downloaded samples from the its website onto my ssd and these are the downloads I am referring to. If NPPE will automatically download samples off the website and onto my ssd that will be wonderful! I suspect this isn’t possible but will be delighted to discover I am mistaken!

EDIT: I went to download the NPPE template and see that NPPE does indeed oversee the download of samples onto my ssd. Thanks again @fratveno, I am excited to be wrong!