NotePerformer NPPE range request

I’m really enjoying NotePerformer NPPE with the BBCSO Core, but I am bummed out that the BBC’s violin range only goes up to C#6. If I write a D6, that note doesn’t playback.

I have no idea if it is feasible or not, but would it be possible for NotePerformer to use its default instrument if the score goes above or below the NPPE instrument’s range?

an interesting idea – I’m tired of having to rescore works to get them to fit the limited BBC Core range in certain areas which is pity as I really like this library with NPPE in particular. I suspect it wouldn’t be very practical though.

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I’ve had the problem, I think it is with Peter and the Wolf, I ended using VSL, where it is super simple to extend the range with one or two notes (I kinda remember I was missing some low notes on the clarinet, which do exist, since I’ve heard them in many records…)
Actually, kind of out of topic, I’ve been doing some testing on my libraries for a friend who doesn’t know which one he should buy, and the best result I could get was using NP without any NPPE, and VSL Elite strings with the provided expression maps (a little bit tweaked so that fast agile would be as audible as the rest). That was unexpected. :person_shrugging:

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you can do this in OT SINE as well – almost as much as you want with the obvious proviso that the notes which really can’t be played are going to sound pretty strange. Spitfire is behind the curve in this respect it seems.

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Our ambition is to provide a guaranteed range by pitch-shifting libraries with limited range, but it’s very complicated. We’re not yet there.