Noteperformer Pitched Percussion - no sound

My apologies if this is posted somewhere. I couldn’t find anything.
I can’t seem to get any sound for pitched percussion instruments in NotePerformer. The instruments are loaded and routed, and it’s showing MIDI signal on the correct instrument channels in NP, but no sound at all.

I’m sure I’m missing some very obvious detail to get sound, but any help would be appreciated

Does this problem exist only in one project? If you create a new project and add one of the affected instruments, does it work there? If it works OK in a new project, then in your original project, try going to Play > Playback Template, re-selecting the NotePerformer playback template, then click Apply and Close.

Thanks, Daniel. I was able to fix it. I created a new playback template with newly saved endpoint configurations, and I’m now good to go.