NotePerformer, playback and effects

Thanks Ulf, here you go. I also attach the Dorico file (it’s a cue from David Arnold’s spectacular score for Independence Day).

1m4r Radio Signal.dorico (1.3 MB)

Dorico (940.6 KB)

Hi Peter,
I can’t find anything obvious, but could it be that you have too many plug-ins and that the drop-down list can’t handle it? What if you temporarily rename the folders “C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3” and “C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST2” to something else, e.g. “_VST3” and “_VST2”.
By that you hide the 3rd party plug-ins from Dorico and it will only detect the Steinberg plug-ins. Does the drop-down list then work?

Thanks Ulf.

No, that doesn’t help either. I did a few other tests:

  1. I can’t insert plugins when using the Halion VST either
  2. I have Dorico installed on another computer (Surface Pro 4), can’t insert plugins on that computer either. I have a few VST3 plugins installed on that one (not as many as on this computer, which is my main DAW).

I’ll see if this happens with Dorico 3 as well.

Update: in Dorico 3.5 the dropdown menu works fine! So something broke when I upgraded to 4 (or maybe just the latest update).

Hi Peter,
then I’m out of steam. I don’t know why the plug-ins don’t show up with you although the audio engine does detect them. Paging my dear colleague @dspreadbury

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@Peter_Roos, can you try moving your Mixer onto your PC’s primary display? Are your multiple displays using different display scaling percentage values?

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Daniel, you’re a genius! Moving the mixer to the main display did indeed fix the issue.

My main DAW (custom built laptop) indeed has different scaling percentages:

  • main screen 4K
  • second screen to the left, HD (1920x1080)
  • third screen to the left of that, 4K
  • fourth screen (big 70 inch LED screen, 4K)

Dragging the mixer to the main window on the Surface Pro fixed the issue there as well. The surface pro has different resolutions for the Surface Pro itself, and the external monitor attached to it.

Yeah, unfortunately there are a number of bugs of this kind in the Qt framework. We’re hoping that the Qt team will put some time into addressing them soon.

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